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Is your AEOI A1?

Guernsey Revenue Services (“the Revenue”) have released Bulletin 2021/6 in relation to Additional Compliance Measures in relation to FATCA and the CRS – Directions, Appointment of Inspectors and Freezing Orders. This bulletin sets out the requirement for Financial Institutions (“FI”) to disclose any non-compliance issues and failure to obtain a valid self-certification to the Revenue.

Platinum Compliance understands that that every business is unique and the level of review that will be required will be different. We have therefore put together a three level service program that offers a bespoke and tailored service to ensure all of your AEOI regulatory compliance needs are met.

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📞 Call the Platinum Team on (01481) 725775 if you would like more information or to request a quote.


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Welcome to the Team

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Aron Brown joins Platinum Compliance as Managing Director

At this exciting time, Aron will begin the process of bringing both the UK and Guernsey business together and will look to build long term relationships

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