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Fancy becoming even more brilliant? Don't miss out - only 7 places remaining

Ever wished there was such a things as:

for leaders?

  • Tired of talking about a "coaching culture" without seeing any lasting change?

  • Want to find inspiration - but too bogged down in the day job?

  • Know your team could be so much better - but just don't know where to start?

Following attendance at a 45 minute seminar from a guy called Andy Cope last month which was all about being "happy", Platinum Compliance wanted more ..... so we contacted the team at Art of Brilliance to ask them to put on a course in Guernsey to provide you with the opportunity to attend an inspirational 3 day (2 days + 1 day follow up) programme on leadership.

If you or your leaders are in need of a boost, this programme can transform you, your teams, and your organisation. Spaces are limited to ensure the best possible learning environment.

Programme provided by:

For a place on this personal leadership programme with a difference, the investment is £1,500, three days and the determination to implement your learning!

We are currently planning to run just one programme in St Peter’s Port, Guernsey on July 9 and 10th, with a follow up day on September 4th.

For more information please contact us at Platinum Compliance.

At Platinum Compliance, we believe in a "can-do" attitude towards compliance and in helping our clients to achieve the most effective outcome.

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Welcome to the Team

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Aron Brown joins Platinum Compliance as Managing Director

At this exciting time, Aron will begin the process of bringing both the UK and Guernsey business together and will look to build long term relationships

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